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Cù Bòcan

Cù Bòcan

We animated Cù Bòcan's new bottle to help the client to understand the unique bottle shape proposal in addition to provide 3D visuals.

Cù Bòcan

Cù Bòcan

Thirst approached us in August 2018 to produce an animation to aid their client’s understanding of the proposed unique bottle shape, which was incredibly difficult to illustrate with traditional 2D mock-ups.

Following detailed discussions regarding the proposed form we produced a basic version of the bottle which was animated to rotate 360 degrees, illustrating the complexity of the design and aided understanding of its unique form.

We revisited the project some 12 months later to produce marketing visuals for the final product which included a series of caustic flare assets, produced by the 3D bottle, which assisted Thirst in the production of the various items of marketing collateral.

Agency: Thirst

Services: Product visualisation

Press: The Dieline

190809 - Bottle Line Up.jpg
190611 - Caustics 3.png
190809 - Bottle_Box Line Up.jpg
190611 - Caustics 1.png
190812 - Caustics.jpg
190611 - Caustics 2.png

Early bottle development