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Bob Harper Art

AR, Architecture, VR
Bob Harper Art

Bob Harper Art

Virtual VR Gallery created for Scottish artist Bob Harper allowing anyone to visit his gallery from the comfort of their own home.

Client: Bob Harper Art

Services: Interior Visualisation / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Press: The Scotsman

180309 - Bob Harper - Gallery Crop 2_output.jpg

“Blair and the team at Render Studio have created an amazing showcase for my art that propels it into the virtual age. I am staggered, almost speechless and enormously impressed by the results of their skilled work. My paintings are now in an environment merely imagined in the science fiction books that I read as a youth. Arthur C. Clarke has just walked into my gallery.

My eternal gratitude to Render Studio for undertaking this challenge and producing an astonishing piece of work.”

— Virtual Bob

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