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What we do…how can we help you sell your product?

At Render Studio, we are here to help you. As ‘virtual’ photographers, we can help to visualise your idea, concept or space in photorealistic quality in several ways:

CGI (computer generated images) gives you images of your product or space. We can perfectly replicate the look and texture of paper, plastic, glass, steel, rubber or any material that is required. We don’t need a prototype – we can virtually create the prototype for you, saving you a considerable amount of time and money. When dealing with interior designers, developers and architects, we work off plans so can virtually build the space before any physical work has commenced.

VR (Virtual Reality) lets you move around or sit within a space. Normally used for larger products (such as commercial and residential property, cars and furniture), you are able to visualise the scale of a product and in some instances, can choose the specification of what you are looking for (paint colour/ interior materials) to see what you are buying before it has been made. The specification feature is very useful to organisations that sell products that offer customisation (kitchen designers, car manufacturers) and we see this as feature of demand over the coming years.


AR (Augmented Reality) lets you sell your product in an exciting and interesting way. The predicted growth of AR is huge and as technology advances, it will become more readily accessible and easy to use. AR allows you to use your smart device (phone, tablet, wearables) to ‘place’ an item in front of you which becomes visible in the environment you are in through your device.

The item can be simply placed in the environment or animated and has great potential to sell your product. We have used AR to help an artist’s customers see how his art would look in their home. We have also helped another client with the launch of a new beer by animating the cans, creating hype and something interesting to talk about and set it apart from other craft brewers.

Our services help elevate and differentiate your product through the use of some very exciting technology. If you would like to find out more or simply say hello, drop us a email at or give us a call (01383 861455).

Rhiannon Porter