Render Studio Ltd


Render Studio is a mixed reality studio. We help client see tomorrow, today.



At Render Studio we produce computer generated images (CGI), Virtual Reality (VR) environments and Augmented Reality (AR) to help clients see tomorrow, today.

We help clients create the perfect experience of their product, place or environment, whether in existence, production or conceptual stage. Our work is completed to a photorealistic standard, leaving the end user thinking the image is real and the VR/ AR experience is out of this world.

No prototype is required – we virtually create them. We are not limited to weather, location or any other condition and can work with you to create the perfect backdrop, whether that be a studio setting, beach, interior room or anything else your imagination thinks of.

We bring brand consistency across all media platforms and can create images, environments and experiences to as large a scale as required. We provide clients with the ability to create the perfect replication, free from smudges, dust and fingerprints (though we sometimes add these to create a more realistic effect).

We are passionate about the industry and are constantly researching new technology to ensure we provide the best and most cost effective service to clients at all times.

If you would like to discuss a new project or opportunity or just want to say hello, please feel free to drop us an email


Blair Porter
Founder/ Creative Director

Blair founded Render in 2010 having studied and worked in architecture for a number of years. He is passionate about architecture and has always enjoyed turning drawings into photorealistic visuals. Blair thrives on people asking if what they are looking at is real or not and aims to achieve that for every project we work on.



Rhiannon Porter
Managing Director

Rhiannon works closely with our clients to ensure their objectives are met. With a business background, she truly understands the clients needs and ensures their business benefits from working with us. In addition, Rhiannon is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction within the business, managing the firm day to day and overseeing its operations.



Rex Harby
Senior 3D Artist

Rex helps to manage and oversee the team. He predominately works on product visuals though an increasing amount of his time is being spent on AR.


Juli Rind
3D Artist

Juli works closely with our largest client and takes the lead on the majority of our projects with them. She also works on product visuals and enjoys creating procedures that improve consistency and efficiency of our working practices.


Andrew Glenesk
3D Artist

Andrew takes the lead in the production of photoreal real time projects (VR) and has a growing (love/hate) interest in AR. He also enjoys producing product visuals and works closely with our largest product client.